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We manufacture top quality paint booths for all industries. Check out our products below or give us a call for a custom size booth!

Automotive Paintbooths

Silver Edition Cross Flow Paint Booth: The most cost-effective airflow style, cross flow booths offer reliable performance at an affordable price point. Air enters through filtered product doors  at the front of the booth and flows horizontally over the vehicle or part and into the filtered exhaust chamber at the rear of the booth.

Gold Edition Semi-Down Draft Paint Booth always ensures that fresh air circulates throughout the booth. Intake air is supplied through an air plenum above the booth. The opposite end contains the exhaust filter system. This is our most popular paint booth, and is ready to handle any job!

Platinum Edition Side Downdraft: Side downdraft paint booths are an economical solution for shops that aren’t able to install a pit. Air comes into the booth through a filtered ceiling plenum, and flows downward over the product. When air reaches the floor, it is pulled into floor-level filtered exhaust plenums on both sides of the booth.

Platinum Plus Edition: Generally accepted as the best airflow style, downdraft booths do an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination. Air enters the booth through a full-length, filtered ceiling plenum. From there, air flows vertically over the product and into the filtered exhaust pit in the floor. Optional raised basement or concrete pit by others.

Industrial Size Paint Booths

Our Platinum Edition prep station is the ultimate finishing solution for your shop or industrial space. Air is drawn through a filtered ceiling plenum and exhausted through the exhaust bank in the rear of the prep station.  The Curtain enclosure helps to create an enclosed area, reducing contaminants. 

Our Silver Edition Cross Flow Booth draws fresh air through filters in the drive-in doors. This clean filtered air is pulled through the booth and then exhausts through a filter system on the other end. This cross flow booth offers large access doors to fit trucks, sprinter vans, and more!

Platinum Edition Side downdraft truck paint booth draws fresh air through a double set of filters in the ceiling and exhausts out of each sidewall along the bottom of the booth. This large paint booth will fit sprinter vans, trucks, train cars and more!

Gold Edition Semi downdraft truck booth pulls fresh air from the intake plenum, and is pulled through the rear exhaust bank.  This unit will fit trucks, sprinter vans, train cars, and more.

Full downdraft truck booth pulls fresh air from the filtered intake plenum, and is exhausted through the floor. This large booth can fit trucks, sprinter vans, train cars, and more!

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