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DIY Paint Booth Maintenance

Maximize Your Equipment’s Efficiency

If you want to keep your spray paint booth running optimally for years to come, here are our suggested maintenance dos and don’ts. For a shop owner or manager, this piece of machinery is among the most crucial and frequently used in his or her shop. In order to keep it running optimally for as long as possible, it needs to be properly taken care of since regular usage causes wear and tear.

Best Practice Tips:

  • Unless you are bringing in a vehicle or parts that are going to be painted, always keep the product door shut.
  • Have the product turned on when bringing vehicles and parts inside.
  • Make certain that the vehicle is blown off and tacked prior to bringing it inside. Before it’s inside, use a tack rag on the air hose.
  • Use a clean container such as a magnetic storage box to store necessities like tape and tack rags. This ensures that the items are nearby without collecting overspray.
  • During spraying, be sure to limit traffic in and out of the product. A rotating access table can be utilized to easily move the paint and other supplies between the booth and mix room.
  • No sanding should be done inside of the product.
  • Anyone inside of the product should be properly attired at all times, including: a hood, painter suit, and nitrile gloves.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The interior of your product will collect overspray over time, so it’s important to clean it thoroughly and on a consistent basis. Keeping floors and walls clean with ensure quality finishes and keep working conditions safe. It’s important to perform maintenance on a regular basis in order to keep your machinery running in excellent condition. Establish a schedule based on the recommendations of the manufacturer. This schedule should include guidelines for how often to clean, inspect, and replace key parts such as filters.

Filter Changing

Filter changing is a critical part of keeping your equipment running optimally. Doing this regularly prevents damage to the fan and other components. Clogged filters slow airflow down, which allows dust and dirt to collect inside. Your exhaust filters should be changed at around 50-100 hours of work, depending on your filter and booth. Factor in the amount of work hours and any changes in workload from week to week when you are deciding how often to do filter changes. Not only do you need to replace intake and exhaust filters, but your heater, control panel, and other parts may have filters too, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Service Programs

Some manufacturers and distributors also offer service programs that can keep your equipment running well. These programs can be customized to your specific needs and can include cleaning, coating application, inspections, services, and just-in-time filter replenishment. Preventative programs can save your business time, money, and the hassle of repairs later on. It’s important to keep these maintenance dos and don’ts in mind if you want to ensure the best quality for your spray paint booth.

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