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Spray Paint Booth Cleaning

Taking Care of Your Equipment

Doing regular cleaning jobs on your spray paint booth is essential for maintaining its efficiency as well as protecting the health of you and your coworkers. This piece of equipment is one of the most important ones you own, and it’s important to take care of it in order to protect the lifespan of this large investment. An efficiently running booth helps maximize your shop’s productivity and profitability.

The Basic Method of Cleaning

Before cleaning your product, the first step is to shut off its power and properly seal all areas. You’ll want to also turn off all fans and close all vents before you begin. It’s good to remove your exhaust filters so that they can be washed separately.

Protect your body from paint fumes by wearing the proper attire, including gloves, a face mask, and coveralls. For smaller booths, you can simply use a scrubbing brush and a water and paint remover solution to clean them. Once you’ve cleaned the paint off of your equipment, rinse it with water. For larger products, use a pressure washer to clean them. It’s essential to sweep your machinery in between deep cleanings so that dust and debris don’t build up inside. Changing your filters regularly also helps to filter contaminants out of your product.

Protection From Contaminants

Part of keeping the walls and floors of your paint booth clean is protecting them from overspray. Spray-on coatings are an excellent way to do this. They allow you to cover your surfaces with a clear or white film that can later be peeled away or removed with water. An alternative to spray-on coatings are self-adhering films that protect your equipment in a similar manner.

Dust and other airborne contaminants can pose a challenge when doing finishing jobs. Products like DeVilbiss’ Dirt Control Floor Coat can be sprayed onto your floor everyday to tackle this issue. This coating neutralizes the electrical charge emitted by air particles. As a result, 50% of contaminants will not stick to the object you’re painting and instead will fall to the floor.

Maximize Your Business’ Efficiency

Keeping a paint booth clean takes effort, but it’s important to do. Create a cleaning schedule that makes sense and that you and your employees can stick to. Maintaining a clean spray paint booth will keep it running efficiently for years to come and will help your business to continuously deliver excellent results.

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