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Profitable Automotive Spray Booth and Finishing Solutions

The most important question you should ask when purchasing an auto body spray booth is, “How much profit is this booth going to make my company?” With an energy efficient booth you can save up to 65% of your operating costs. This adds up to $1,000’s in savings every year! It can be the difference between having a semi-profitable auto body shop or truck painting operation, and being the market leader in your area.

Platinum Finishing Systems Automotive and Truck spray booth division provides innovative concepts and technologies designed to lower operating costs, increase margins, meet all code and regulations, and lower the environmental impact of the painting process. We’re the leading auto spray booth supplier in the Northeast. We can help you calculate how to run the most profitable spray booth operation. All while being code compliant and energy efficient.

ABC Booth Cleaning & Maintenance

Booth restoration packets:
Have a booth that is allowing contaminants in? Paint jobs not coming out how you would like them to? Just like a car, a spray-booth needs to be serviced on a regular schedule & maintained so that it never dips below maximum efficiency. Once a booth has run below that level, it generally will stay below as the problems gradually worsen.

Our paint booth restoration package includes:

  • Checking all belts and motors
  • Resealing of front doors, man doors, and all gaps.
  • Recoating the inside of the booth white to improve visibility and paint job quality
  • Cleaning of all ducts and weather caps for maximum airflow
  • Reinforcement of spray booth walls
  • Replacement of glass windows
  • Re-balancing of booth
  • Optional lighting upgrades to LED
  • Optional retrofits including heater, motors, and more.

Preventative Maintenance System:
Our Preventative maintenance systems ensures the longevity and functionality of your booth. Just like a car, your booth needs to be serviced on a regular schedule to ensure efficiency. We work with you to create a system that will keep your shop going with minimal downtime. This greatly reduces repair costs over time, and in some cases eliminates them. A schedule will then be filled out be posted and filled out by our expert technicians so that you always know when you booth is due for a service.

Annual, 6 month, and 3 month services:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Floor overspray removal
  • Recoating of paint booth walls
  • Clear coat on windows
  • Power washing
  • Re-balancing
  • Visual inspections of vital components: (Fans, motors, belts)
  • Re-balancing
  • Filter changes

Why Service your booth?

Like a car, a spray-booth needs maintenance so it can run at full capacity. Here i will breakdown the most commonly needed parts.

Filters & Seals- One of the first things to affect the way your booth works is filters. When a booth runs, it pulls air in and filters it through the intake filters. Then, the booth pulls the dirty air out through the exhaust filters and exhaust stack. Throughout this process, the exhaust filters are the first to be changed as they pull the dirty air out of the unit. Secondly, the intake filters need to be changed as they pull large particulates from the air before entering the booth. In combination, these features allow the airflow of the booth to remain uncompromised. To order new spray-booth filters please visit our Store.Seals are another big part of keeping dust out of the booth. As seals are generally made of rubber, they eventually warp due to normal heat and wear. After warping, they sometimes leave gaps under the doors or around the cabin. The sum of each of these “leaks” is compromised air pressure that fluctuates beyond normal. The easy fix is to have one of our certified technicians evaluate the performance of your booth and how much air it currently circulates. To purchase new seals for your booth please visit our store.

Lights- Lighting inside of your booth is pivotal if you want to see your project while painting. As lights generally last a long time, these are replaced as needed whether it is the bulb or the ballast. We have lights available for booths from all makers including: AFC,BlowTherm,Spray-Tech,Zhonga, and many more! LED light panels also available for higher priced booths. Please visit our Store to purchase lights for your unit!

Ducts- As mentioned in the filter section, overspray from inside of the booth is pulled and expelled through the exhaust system. Over time, the exhaust duct collects overspray and can harden to block off the airflow into the unit. If left unchecked, this can cause pressure issues within the booth, ultimately costing you more.

Permit Acquisition:

The permit process for getting a new spray-booth can be a headache. With over 25 years of experience dealing with Building, Fire, and other city departments we can streamline the process for you. We also have experience in site design and modifying current plans for approval.

Commonly Enforced Codes:

IFC- International fire code, one of the most common codes. Shows requirements for spray-booths, spray rooms, and spray areas. Included in the international building code.(IBC)

NFPA 1 Fire Code- enforced wherever NFPA codes are used, also part of NFPA 33, the industry standard.

Booth Cleaning

PFS Booth cleaning is here for you every step of the way, helping you understand these codes and taking the stress out permit processing. In order to put up a booth in any building, codes must be followed at all times, for safety and compliance. With over 30 years of experience getting projects approved, we are confident that we can handle many different situations. For large scale industrial plants, we also have permit and design packages available.

Coverage Areas:

ABC booth cleaning covers the Los Angeles Area and surrounding cities including but not limited to:

Windsor, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Novato, Ukiah, Oakland, San Francisco, Livermore, Dublin, Sacramento, Capital City, San Jose, Concord & many more !

Service providers from PFS

Service Highlights

  • Design Paint Booth Shops
  • Permit Paint Booth Processing Services
  • Paint Booth Cleaning
  • Paint Booth Refurbishing
  • California Machinery and Pumps Contractor License: #993900

    A Spray Booth Supply Company Offering You Full Support From Design, Installation And Professional Service Afterwards!

    We’re here to make your company’s finishing program as profitable as possible.

We offer:
  1. Full Company Support – Downtime is costly which is why Platinum Finishing Systems provides a unique assurance program on filter usage and regular service.
  2. Financing Available – Ask about our financing & leasing deals to finance the spray booth equipment you need to make your business grow and prosper
  3. No Hidden Costs – We educate you on owning and installing an automotive spray booth. All the way from installation and operation costs, to electrical work, cutting holes and sealing the roof, etc…
  4. Complete Spray Booth Installation – We even do complete installs! We’ll design, do the labor, and training involved to get your spray booth running. All you have to do is what you do best – Run your business!

(Numbers Only Please)

Call our professionals now to inquire about all the Spray booths for sale at Platinum Finishing Systems.

Why PFS?

Platinum Finishing Systems is the premier supplier of industrial finishing and vehicle refinishing equipment in the northeast. We have over 7 years experience and cover the gamut of products and services for our clients. We have engineers to assist with design planning, to a dedicated service department with a professional service manager and factory certified technicians.

Discover how to get a Auto Body Spray Booth that pays for itself in a very short period of time. Contact us for a customized operating cost calculation for your finishing operations. Or call today and see how we can help. 707-523-3703

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