Platinum Plus:
Prep Station: Mobile Exhaust Wall

Discover the effortless convenience of our ductless unit, featuring optional HEPA or carbon activated filters tailored to your specific needs.


Standard Mobile Prep Station Package

All mobile prep stations include the following:

Our booths comply with NFPA-33, the top-level safety code in the USA for spray application of flammable or combustible materials.

These models have been tested and certified as an ETL-Certified Booth by Intertek/ETL (Edison Testing Labs), and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) recognized NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory). This certification is mandatory by many local authorities for safe operation and compliance.

ETL listing included. 

Optional Upgrades:

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Platinum Plus:
Prep Station: Mobile Exhaust Wall


Mobile Prep Station Light

Mobile Prep Station White

Mobile Prep Station Galvanized Light

Mobile Prep station Galvanized

Why choose Platinum Plus: Prep Stations: Mobile Exhaust Wall by PFS ?

It’s more than a prep station; it’s a paradigm shift in automotive refinishing. Here’s why:

Galvanize Mobility and Precision with Platinum Plus: Prep Station - Mobile Exhaust Wall.

Discover the epitome of convenience with the Platinum Plus: Prep Station – Mobile Exhaust Wall from PFS Spray Booths. Our ductless unit redefines flexibility, offering optional HEPA or carbon-activated filters tailored to your specific needs. Crafted from robust materials, these filters efficiently capture particles or paint, ensuring a clean and efficient workspace. Maneuvering is a breeze with our heavy-duty caster wheels, complete with a locking mechanism and convenient handles. Choose between 220v 1-phase or 3-phase power options for seamless integration. Experience unrivaled air filtration with our cutting-edge solution.

Regulatory Compliance: Note, while the Gold Edition is an exceptional prep station, for painting operations, adherence to state codes is crucial. An approved spray booth may be required to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

  • ETL listed manufacturer 
  • Best pricing in the industry
  • Lowest lead times in the industry
  • Fully customizable paint booths 
  • Certified in all US states 
  • Exceed all local and national  codes 
  • Modular paint booths can be expanded 
  • National service and installation

Key Features of Platinum Plus: Mobile Exhaust Wall:

1. Ductless Versatility: Embrace the freedom of a ductless unit with optional ducting, providing adaptability to various workspace configurations.

2. Filter Customization: Tailor your filtration system to match the demands of your application. Choose between HEPA or carbon-activated filters, ensuring optimal performance based on your specific refinishing tasks.

3. Robust Filtration: Crafted with robust materials, the Platinum Plus efficiently captures particles or paint, maintaining a pristine and efficient workspace.

Versatile Mobility for Every Project:

1. All-Terrain Mobility: Move effortlessly across any terrain with our heavy-duty caster wheels. The locking mechanism ensures stability and convenient handles make handling a breeze.

2. Powder-Coated Durability: Powder-coated inside and out for a durable finish, the Platinum Plus not only performs exceptionally but also stands the test of time.

What’s more, we hold ETL listings and approvals across all jurisdictions, streamlining the approval process and ensuring a faster return on investment (ROI).

Grainger’s Fan and Motor Packages:

Our fan and motor packages are sourced from the renowned U.S. manufacturer Grainger’s. Proudly U.S. manufactured, these packages boast AMCA certification, spark-resistant aluminum blades, and high-efficiency 3-phase and 1-phase motors with 208/230/460v compatibility.

Rest assured, these fan and motor packages are engineered for exceptional longevity, surpassing any other combination in the market.

Seamless Integration and Power Options:

Power Flexibility:
Seamlessly integrate the Platinum Plus with your workshop’s power infrastructure. Choose between 220v 1-phase or 3-phase power options for enhanced flexibility

Optional Upgrades for Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Fire Suppression: Enhance safety with an optional fire suppression system for added peace of mind.
  • Extensions: Opt for height and length extensions to customize the Platinum Plus to your specific workspace requirements.
  • Powder Coating: Choose powder coating for a sleek finish that complements the durability of the unit.
  • LED Lights: Upgrade with optional LED lights for improved visibility during your projects.

Elevate Your Mobile Refinishing Experience with Platinum Plus:

Ready to experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency in your refinishing tasks? The Platinum Plus: Prep Station – Mobile Exhaust Wall is engineered for adaptability, durability, and exceptional performance. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how the Platinum Plus can elevate your mobile refinishing capabilities.

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