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Paint Finishing and Prep Stations for Auto & Industrial Work

Prep Station for Paint Finishing from PFS

The PFS Limited Finishing Prep Station

The PLATINUM FINISHING SYSTEMS Limited Finishing Prep Station draws fresh air from the cleaner upper levels of the shop through a pressurization fan. This air is forced down into the prep station through a filter bank located in the ceiling near the entry. The air is drawn through the prep station work area into a filtered exhaust plenum at the opposite end and exhausted out to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan and stack. This design allows for easy addition of a heated air makeup unit. Panels, assembly hardware, filters, and sealants needed for mechanical installation are included. The threaded rod for suspending the intake plenum is not supplied by PLATINUM FINISHING SYSTEM. PFS Curtain walls, intake and exhaust stack, control panel, and other electrical components may be purchased separately.

More Prep Stations from PFS

Platinum Finishing Systems can outfit any space with a finishing prep station. These spaces are excellent for prepping the surface prior to painting and even the safe application of paint itself.
Spray-Tech/Junair’s Automotive Prep Stations are specially designed for an easy in, easy out, contaminant free environment for preparation and priming. The start of a great finish is in a clean, well-lit environment. Upgrade your body shop with a prep station today.
PFS Also offers prep stations to fit your existing curtained enclosures or rooms.

Semi-Downdraft Prep Station

The space-saving design of this auto prep station draws exhaust air into the filters at the base of the cabinet. This configuration allows for downdraft airflow without the need for a costly pit in the ground of your shop.

Prep stations for automotive paint spray booths can be customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. Large enough to work on vehicles, and efficient enough to paint your parts. Our prep stations can be heated to include the additional spray-to-bake capabilities of a standard automotive spray booth. You can expand to as many stations as you need.

Curtain Walls & Dividers

Separate your space within your prep station by utilizing the curtain walls. The curtains have the benefit of keeping paint overspray in within the walls of the stations. They also keep any dirt, dust, and other various contaminants out of the space.

Work in an outstanding environment, performing quick cosmetic auto body repairs scratched points and chipped / door dings repairs

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Bright full booth illumination is provided by eight (8) four-tube, 48″ long, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures in the ceiling panels. Each is sealed behind clear tempered safety glass. All fixtures are UL listed and approved for their intended use and placement.


The Hanging Intake Plenum and Exhaust Plenum Wall will be fabricated with 18-gauge galvanized steel panels; flanged for strength and pre-punched for easy nut and bolt assembly. The intake plenum may be suspended with a maximum of 10’ tall clearance or as low as 7’ tall clearance. The actual installed height is required to order the PFS Curtain walls. Semi down draft paint booth made of double skin insulated panels painted inside out. Intake air is supplied by one (1) 18” diameter tubeaxial fan with a 1-1/2 HP, three-phase motor. Exhaust is provided by one (1) 18” diameter tubeaxial fan with a 1-1/2 HP, three-phase motor. PLATINUM FINISHING SYSTEM Limited Finishing Prep Station complies with NFPA 33 regulations pertaining to limited finishing workstations. Optional ETL listing is available on this product. PLATINUM FINISHING SYSTEM Spray Booths comply with all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations.

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