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(888) 407-5723 | info@pfsspraybooths.com

High Quality Auto Body Paint Booth and Custom Auto Spray Booths built to your needs.

PFS Automotive finishing systems offer the latest and greatest in Auto Body Paint Booths and Auto Spray Booths nationwide. We strive in our determination of meeting your needs regarding size and budget without substituting  class ,output, and reliability. Utilizing the latest technology, our booths are engineered to minimize wasted power and maximize your shop’s output. All units are available in custom sizing to fit your shop or industrial space, and can be retrofitted to add a mixing room, heater, prep station and more. Upgrades to existing booths including Paint Booth LED lighting to improve are also available. Call today to start growing your market share and overall profits! We also have another sister company that focuses on our clients that have purchased our regular Paint Booths to our more advanced high end custom Auto Body Spray Booths and look forward to keeping a long term relationship with all our clients.

When it comes to auto paint booths, one of the most common questions we get is, “How much profit is this going to make my company?” Energy efficient paint booths can save up to 65% of your operating costs. Without a doubt this can add up to thousands in savings every year! But an often overlooked perspective in auto paint booths is the effect they can have on your market share. Quality paint booths can be the difference between just having a profitable auto body shop and painting operation, and being the market leader in your area.

Popular Auto Paint Booths from PFS


Down Draft - Platinum Edition

Our Platinum Edition auto paint booths: The PFSSD24 offered with Standard amenities include double-row pit, full-filtered ceiling and sloped wall cabin.
Booths can also be customized to include length extension, recirculation in the bake cycle and accelerated cure features.

auto paint booths

Our PFS Platinum Edition auto paint booth.


Side Down - Platinum Edition

Our Platinum Edition heated side downdraft auto booth draws fresh air from outside and is heated after passing through filters in the air make up unit.
The filtered air is pushed down and then exhausted on each side away from the center of the booth to the exhaust filters at floor level along the paint booth sides.


Semi Down - Platinum Edition

Our Platinum Edition heated semi downdraft auto paint booth draws fresh air from outside and is heated after passing through filters in the air make up unit.
The filtered air is pushed down and then exhausted on each side away from the center of the booth to the exhaust filters in the rear corners at floor level.automotive paint booths


Truck Booth - Platinum Edition

Our Platinum Edition auto booth is a massive booth capable of moving enormous quantities of air efficiently.
No vehicle or piece of equipment is too large for our booths to handle. Let us know your specifications, today and get a quote.auto booths from pfs

Platinum Finishing Systems Automotive paint booth division provides innovative concepts and technologies designed to lower operating costs, increase margins, meet all code and regulations, and lower the environmental impact of the painting process. We’re the leading auto paint booth supplier in the Northeast. We can help you calculate how to run the most profitable paint spray booth operation, all while being code compliant and energy efficient.

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Call our professionals now to inquire about all the Spray booths for sale at Platinum Finishing Systems.

What is the Best Auto Paint Booth ?

For automotive service providers, hobbyist shops, or even industrial coating facilities, automotive paint booths can act as a cornerstone of your business, as they will lower operating costs while boosting revenue and customer satisfaction. Booths are available in various sizes, enabling them to meet diverse needs, and are equipped with the latest technology and software. In turn, a good auto paint booth should assist you in offering the highest customer support, and accessibility to parts and features to amplify productivity in your shop.

Additionally, automotive paint booths should allow you to accommodate your business and the needs of your customers, despite of the type of automotive.

In regards to your employees and their work environment, a good automotive spray booth will limit and protect them from spills, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, gases, and other hazardous materials – keeping the environment, your employees, and your facility safe. Further, a spray booth will also ensure you’re in compliance with local codes and regulations. Your health is important to us, especially if your a over 20 hours a week in the booth.  We have many different Paint Spray Booth Exhaust Systems that will keep you safe and golfing everyday.

Overall, a good auto paint booth is designed to painlessly propel the bottom line of your auto business. They should help you produce quality outcomes – employee health and safety improvements, cost-effective and streamlined productivity, enhanced customer service, and the production of professional, factory-worthy end products.

The Benefits of a Auto Spray Booth

Automotive paint booths have the potential to set your auto business up for growth. Aside from being environmentally and workplace-friendly, ensuring local code and regulation compliance, and increasing productivity, a car spray booth adds flexibility to your services, which is a major benefit. Available in various sizes and configurations, paint booths can be built to accommodate any automotive need; booth builders have the expertise to help you determine what’s ideal for your business. Not only that, utilizing a car paint booth will allow you to deliver work of exemplary quality, producing showroom finishes. In turn, elevating your brand, reputation, and revenue.

How to Choose Your Paint Booth

Choosing an automotive spray booth may seem like a daunting task. All it takes is careful planning and consideration. To start, determine your specific business needs and what your client demands are. Identify the primary industries you serve (ie. automotive, aviation), which will help you narrow down the type(s) of booth(s) you need to consider. Then, become familiar with the different types of automotive paint booths, their benefits, and research suppliers. Selecting an airflow style is also an important decision you’ll have to make. The Paint Booth Exhaust System you choose will be factor as well.   Based on how and what you need the booth for.  Lastly, before making any purchases, inquire with your city and/or state regarding rules, regulations, special requirements, and permits that may be necessary.

Financing an Automotive Spray Booth

Investing in high-end automotive paint booths for sale can be pricey. Depending on the size, features, amenities, and other factors such as upgrades, an automotive spray booth can start at $8000 and increase from there. Although a hefty price tag, your purchase should be viewed as an investment – a business decision that will affect your bottom line. That said, financing is a great option to procure the equipment you need, while retaining cash for vital operation needs. Offering competitive APRs and low payment plans, Platinum Finishing Systems has the expertise to help you acquire the equipment you need while easing your financial strain.

Paint Booth Cleaning and Spray Booth Maintenance

At PFS we have you covered for all your Auto Paint Booth Cleaning needs.  If your booth is a simple Spray Booth or you need general Paint Booth Maintenance and Spray Booth Repairs…we’ve got you.  We have sister company in California that also will come to your location and change out the vents, clean, replace lights, upgrade to LED Paint Booth lights.  Whatever it is we can handle the task.  We pride ourselves in all types of Paint and Spray Booth Repairs.   From Auto Body Paint Booths, Sand Blasting Booths, Spray Booth Air Ducts, Paint Booth Ventilation, LED lighting, Auto Paint Booth Coating and everything else you can think of.  Give us a call or if your looking for general Paint Booth Maintenance click this for our sister company!

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