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Paint Booth Mixing Rooms for Auto & Industrial Work

Paint Mixing Rooms from PFS Platinum Finishing Systems

PFS Platinum Edition Paint Mix Rooms

The Platinum Finishing Systems Platinum Edition paint mixing rooms are dual skin insulated clean rooms that can be free standing or integrated into any installation. Paint mixing rooms allow fo rthe painter to stay in a clean environment while going back and forth between loading up paint or juggling two jobs at once. Sizes and shapes vary from square rooms, long hallways or 45° corners. When you need to provide a clean mixing environment, there is no reason to waste any space in your floorplan. Just talk to an Platinum Finishing Systems representative. A well-placed PFS Mix room may just make the best of your square footage.

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In Paint Mixing Rooms, Lighting is Essential

All of our fixtures are UL listed and approved for finishing use. Bright, full paint mix room illumination is provided by fluorescent light fixtures in the ceiling panels. The lighting in the booth allows for color-correct paint mixing.

Features of the PFS Mixing Rooms

What Makes a Good Paint Mixing Room?

Platinum Finishing Systems has paint mixing rooms that are designed to be an efficient solution for your shop and your specific need. Different sizes and configurations are available. In a paint mixing room, air is drawn through the filter plenum, located in the ceiling, and downward through the work area. The air is then exhausted into a chamber located at the opposite end and ultimately the filtered air is then exhausted through the stack. This ensures an environmentally-friendly booth and gives the operator a safe place to mix and store paints.

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Spray-Tech Paint Mixing Rooms

Mixing Rooms for Paint Mixing and Storage

The Spray-Tech paint mixing rooms are designed to provide a well-illuminated, clean ventilated work area for mixing applications. These rooms help eradicate VOC’s and other contaminants from interfering with the mixing process. We offer many sizes and configurations to meet your specific requirements. With many different sizes to fit any shop building layout, paint storage and mixing can be done with consistently clean results. Spray-Tech Paint Mixing Rooms are listed as being in compliance with NFPA 33 and are ETL Listed.

Code Compliance

If you are storing and mixing paint in your shop, we like to recommed that you install a paint mixing room. Paint mixing rooms are often required by code, but you must check your local regulations. Paint mixing rooms are the safest way to store and ventilate the flammable liquids used in industrial finishing.

Choosing a Paint Mixing Room

For more information on the standard features, model dimensions, and available options of our Paint Mix Rooms and Storage Solutions, please contact us and one our professionals will be happy to help guide you and educate you on what you can expect when purchasing a paint mixing room.

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