Industrial Booths

Our large industrial booths are custom made to fit any equipment and custom size requirements. From trucks and large trailers, we can build your booth to meet any job or project. These booths are made to continue to produce at 100% capacity day after day.

As pioneers in the realm of automotive paint booth technology, our unwavering commitment to innovation drives us to consistently meet and surpass all local and national standards. With an extensive manufacturing heritage spanning across North America, we are resolute in our mission to provide you with the highest quality and most competitive pricing available. Our product lineup ranges from state-of-the-art Premium Heated downdraft models to budget-friendly Economy-style crossflow booths, ensuring that we cater to a diverse audience. Additionally, PFS Paint Booths specializes in crafting tailor-made spray booths for a wide array of applications, including marine, automotive, military, commercial, and industrial sectors.”
PFS extends its offerings beyond paint booths to include prep stations, shop design services, installation assistance, and preventative maintenance solutions. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries related to design, compliance, or any other information you may require!

Industrial Equipment Booths We Offer

Silver edition: Industrial Cross Flow Draft

Our Silver Edition Cross Flow Booth draws fresh air through filters in the drive-in doors. This clean filtered air is pulled through the booth and then exhausts through a filter system on the other end.

45'-60' Lengths

Gold Edition: Industrial Semi Down Draft

Side downdraft industrial paint booth draws fresh air through a double set of filters in the ceiling and exhausts out of the rear exhaust chamber.

30'-60' Lengths

Platinum Edition: Side-Down Draft

Side downdraft industrial paint booth draws fresh air through a double set of filters in the ceiling and exhausts out of each sidewall along the bottom of the booth.

30' - 60'Lengths

Platinum Plus: Full-Down Draft

Air enters the booth through a fully filtered ceiling intake plenum and is pulled vertically downward across the vehicle and through the floor (Filtered exhaust pit or basement). Air is then exhausted into the atmosphere. The downdraft truck paint booth design provides efficient overspray control and reduces prep time.

30' - 60'Lengths

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