Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing Booths

PFS industrial booths are engineered to provide efficient solutions to your workflow and increase output. Our pre-engineered booths have been designed to maximize your manufacturing output, and limit potential time loss.  We work with you to engineer a plan specifically for your application, taking all factors into account to ensure the highest quality end product. Call us for more information, or to get started on your personal design!

Turnkey Solutions

PFS industrial paint booth systems can be used as a standalone system, or combined with other PFS products to create a true turnkey system! Preparation areas, mixing rooms, paint booths, drying/curing booths, and more can be combined for a fully turnkey system to optimize your workflow and increase efficiency. 

  •  Increase your shops efficiency 
  • Maximize output 
  • Customize your booth for your application 
  • Turnkey installation and delivery 
  • Lowest lead times in the industry!

Downdraft Industrial Paint Booths

Industrial downdraft paint booths are generally viewed as the best airflow type, air flows in from the filtered intake plenum, and is exhausted through the fully filtered floor . This ensures proper airflow through the entire booth, and efficient airflow over the parts being coated. Industrial downdraft booths can be placed on a raised basement, or on top of a pit in concrete. 

Crossflow Industrial Paint booths

Crossflow industrial paint booths are the most common type. Airflow flows in through the filtered front doors, over the material being coated, and out through the rear exhaust plenum. This provides excellent lighting, filtration, efficiency, and more! 


Semi Downdraft Industrial Paint Booths

Semi Downdraft industrial paint booths are made to increase your shops production and workflow. Air is pulled into this booth from the filtered intake plenum, and is exhausted through the rear of the paint booth. This airflow distributes evenly throughout the booth, over the material being coated, and out through the rear of the booth. Paired with a heating system, this can increase your efficiency and reduce curing times!

Industrial Heating Systems

Industrial Heating systems are the best choice to improve efficiency and workflow within your shop. These systems can fully integrate with your paint booth by adding spray, cure, and bake cycles! PFS heating systems can be integrated into any existing paint booth, with the exception of crossflow booths**.

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