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PFS is the industry leader in design and implementation of high tech finishing areas.  Our team of engineers and specialists work tirelessly to ensure production of the most advanced aviation finishing environments. Our enclosures can comfortably fit anything from jets, helicopters, commercial aircraft, and more. Our precise manufacturing practices result in the highest quality final product.  Continual innovation means the most efficient and code compliant booths.  Ultimately, this translates into energy savings and lower expenses. Contact us today to learn more about our custom designed areas for Aerospace and Aviation. 


PFS aircraft paint booths can be constructed within an existing aircraft hangar, or as a standalone outdoor rated paint booth! We can accommodate any size airplane, jet, helicopter, drones, and much more! We work closely with building architects  to ensure the perfect integration of the paint booth and building design requirements. Based on the type of aircraft, we are able to calculate exact airflow requirements, and the perfect airflow type for your application. 

Aircraft Parts Booths

Our Aircraft paint booths are tailored to your exact needs including precise airflow, humidity, temperature, filtration, and contamination controls. This ensures the highest level of perfection in your finished product. Give us a call to speak about your specific project requirements. 

Aircraft Prep Booths 

PFS Aircraft prep Booths provide a well ventilated controlled environment for sanding, masking, prepping, and more. By utilizing a prep booth, manufacturers can optimize workflow and save space in their primary paint booth.

Downdraft Aircraft Booths

Generally viewed as the preferred airflow style, downdraft aircraft booths use gravity to their advantage, ensuring that all overspray is evacuated through the bottom of the paint booth. This results in  a higher quality finish, and limited redo’s. Downdraft aircraft paint booths can be designed to work with a specific model or type of aircraft, ensuring quality and effectiveness   Top of the line lighting and airflow makes this booth the best choice!

Crossflow Aircraft Booths

The most common airflow type for aircraft booths, air moved from end to end naturally, matching the natural flow of air fully across the aircraft. Incoming air is filtered through intake filters, and exhausted through an additional filtration point at the rear of the booth. This provides excellent quality finishes, at a lower cost. 


Recirculation is one of the best methods to reduce operating costs with your new booth! We take your specific booth climate requirements into account and provide an efficient recirculation system designed for you. This will provide accurate control over the booth climate and airflow, while providing the most efficient operating system possible.

Temperature Control and Humidity controls

Aircraft paints and coatings can be demanding in regards to  application conditions. Most paints are best applied in a very narrow window of temperature and humidity. PFS paint booths can design your paint booth to perform exactly at the parameters needed for the coatings of your choice! With over 30 years of experience in the aircraft booth industry, we are ready to take your business to the next level!

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