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Auto Body Paint Booth

Produce Outstanding Finishes

Platinum Finishing Systems (PFS) brings top-quality spray paint booths to auto body shops worldwide. For over a decade, we have committed ourselves to bringing the automotive collision industry equipment that allows any shop to produce factory finishes quickly.

The Ideal Environment For Paint Jobs

The objective of a paint booth is to create an environment with controlled conditions in order to create excellent, contaminant-free finishes for vehicles and parts. They use special Booth Ventilation Systems to extract the harmful and toxic fumes and over-spray along with other contaminants.

Humidity levels are controlled as well which helps paint application. If the system is equipped with heating technology, that can help a paint job cure quickly, which reduces the risk of any damage to the surface of the object.

Solutions For Any Kind of Business

There are a variety of paint booths types available, and the type you choose for your auto body shop depends on several factors. These factors include shop size, the types of vehicles you work on, and the volume of finishes you do per day. Whether you’re looking for a simple non-heated system or a fully-heated one that’s more suited for high production, PFS has you covered.

The Most Important Features

Every type of equipment is suited for a certain kind of application. There are several features that are most important to look at when considering what product type is best for you. They include construction of the product, materials used, lighting, coating, and overall design. High quality seals are also important, as they keep dirt and other contaminants from entering the product. Also who has the pleasure working on your Paint Booth Installation or Auto Body Spray Booth take a look at  ABC Booth Cleaning.

When looking for equipment for your shop and considering your options, keep in mind that the quality of the product is essential when it comes to delivering impeccable finishes. A customized design with auxiliary controls may allow you to better control the environment of the booth which will save you significant time with the refinishing process. The premium finish quality and advanced technology are why many shop owners are willing to invest serious money into these products.

Let Our Experts Help

The collision repair industry has advanced greatly over the years, and so has its technology. Every shop owner wants to delivery the highest quality finishes they can within the shortest amount of time, and that’s why it’s important to choose your equipment carefully. Contact PFS today, and our experts can help you choose the perfect spray paint booth for your auto body shop.

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