The world leader in paint booth technology!

Platinum Finishing Systems is the Northwest's leading Manufacturer and Distributor of paint booths, spray booths, and finishing systems for automotive body shops. PFS leads the way in spray booth innovation, and is dedicated to providing the most energy-efficient and ecologically-friendly paint environments.

Premium Auto Paint Booths

The Pinnacle of Paint Booth Technology

Spray-Tech Premier Downdraft Booth
Top of the Line Downdraft Booth
PFS Premium Side Down Draft Booth
Our Platinum heated side downdraft
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Single Skin Auto Paint Booths

Economically priced spray booths with all of the key features that you expect.

Spray-Tech Power Semi Single Wall
No need to excavate a pit
PFS: Side Down Draft Paint Booth
Double set of intake filters in the ceiling
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Truck & Industrial Equipment Spray Booths

The ultimate in large capacity refinishing areas.

Spray-Tech: Front Flow Truck Booth
Options to meet your specific needs
Spray-Tech Aerospace Applications
Highest quality aircraft spray booths
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Automotive Prep Stations and Mix Rooms

PFS automotive prep stations and mix rooms are designed to enhance the work enviroment.

Spray-Tech CTOF / Prep — Stations
The Start of a Great Finish in a Clean, Well Lit Environment
PFS Platinum Edition Paint Mixing Room
Dual skin insulated clean rooms that can be integrated
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Waterborne Systems and Equipment Filters

PFS Waterborne Systems and Equipment Filters are designed to enhance the work enviroment.

Spray-Tech QADs Waterborne & Solvent Drying System
Save time, energy and money on paint drying and curing and generate more revenue
PFS Ceiling Filters & Pads
We offer Ceiling Filters, Paint Arrestor Filters, Pre-Filters/Bag Filters, Intake Pads, and Exhaust Pads. Contact us for custom size.
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